The garden

We believe life is best experienced with Christ at the center. Our church is an open, welcoming and loving environment where you can ask questions, learn about Christ and dive deep into Christ-centered community. Whether you're walking with Christ daily or are simply curious to learn more, we hope you will join us on Sunday mornings for worship and fellowship. Services at Gethsemane begin at 9 & 11:15 a.m, and at Main Street, lunch is available in the Pastor Robert Hunt Warming Center at noon and worship in the Sanctuary starts at 1:00.


The Mission of The Garden is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus calls us to go and make disciples. As we move on our individual journeys toward a Christ-centered life, we become inwardly strong. That inward strength allows us to have an outward focus: to make disciples of Jesus Christ.


The Vision of The Garden is the Journey. The Journey is a path we are all on leading to a life where our relationship with Jesus Christ is the vital centerpiece and foundation of our being. Click here to learn more about The Journey.

• Exploring Christ: I believe in God, but I am not sure about Christ: my faith is not a significant part of my life.
• Growing in Christ: I believe in Jesus and I am working on what it means to know him.
• Close to Christ: I am really close to Christ and depend on Him for daily guidance.
• Christ Centered: My relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. It guides everything I do.